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foilpack is the leading ribbon factory in Southeast Europe. We produce mainly decorative ribbons made out of polypropylene. Our ribbons are also known as pp ribbons, poly ribbons, curling ribbons,plastic ribbons and polypropylene ribbons. We are located in Thessaloniki, Greece a country which is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone. We are a primarily export company with sales all over the world. Our products are used in gift-wrapping,flower decoration,balloon decoration,packaging and in stationery bussiness.


Our company is dedicated to deliver high quality products to our customers. We manage this by training our workers to focus on quality and by using high quality raw materials

Brand history

foilpack is the continuation of the pioneer company in the field of decorative ribbon in Greece, in 1969. Therefore is a family-owned, family-run company with huge experience on producing ribbons .

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